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19: Look back, ridgeway to "Lysina"
21: "Hight Tatras" touching the clouds
21: "Sedlo Lysina" signpost close-up
23-24: Look back, E3 trail to "Priehyby"
24: Look back, E3 trail at "Priehyby"
24: E3 trail from "Priehyby" to "Mincol"
24: "Sedlo Priehyby" signpost close-up
24: "Sedlo Priehyby" signpost and map
24: Road south to Majdan village
24: Chapel at "Sedlo Priehyby"
24: Inside the chapel
24: Road north to Livov village
Photographs taken by Miro Germuska in June 2008.
The number under each photo above identifies the position from which the photo was taken.
These numbers are shown on the trail map, and also used for giving detailed walking directions.
Of the three day-hiking trails, the circular trail via Priehyby is the only one that cannot be abandoned after half a day, returning back by public transport or taxi. It goes through the centre of the Cergov Forest Range far from all habitation. The way back is through the Livov valley along Vlci Potok (Wolves Stream), the source of the biggest river around, the river Topla. more >
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