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8: Top of the old ski slope
9: Cart-track through beech forest
10: Boundary of old and young forest
10: Look back, the old forest trail
10-11: Pigmy owl in a dead tree
11: Silver birch wood ahead
11-12: Ravens frequent silver birches
13: "Pantelish" trail signpost
13: "Pantelish" trail signpost close-up
15: Turning right off the cart-track
16: "Bukovy Vrch" on the horizon
16: "Velka Javorina" on the horizon
Photographs taken by Miro Germuska in June 2008.
The number under each photo above identifies the position from which the photo was taken.
These numbers are shown on the trail map, and also used for giving detailed walking directions.
Of the three half-day hiking trails, the trail to Lysina is the most attractive and goes through the most varied surroundings; deep beech forest, mature silver birch woods, young and old pine woods, on the high ground meadows covered with wild blueberry bushes, lovely views of the valleys below and of the surrounding peaks, some in Poland, and the High Tatra mountains. more >
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