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2: Trail turns off to the right
2-3: Giant Wild Orchid
3: Cart-track to the left
3: Place for a rest on a tree trunk
3-A: Wild mushrooms by the road
A: Monument to World War II partisans
3: Cart-track up a meadow
3-4: Meadow full of wild flowers
4: Post with a blue trail sign
5: View of Krize church
5: Look back, meadow and cart-track
5: Four Lesser Spotted Eagles
Photographs taken by Miro Germuska in June 2008.
The number under each photo above identifies the position from which the photo was taken.
These numbers are shown on the trail map, and also used for giving detailed walking directions.
This walk is the hardest of the three short walks, but also perhaps the most attractive. It is 4km long, rises and falls by 255m and takes 1-2 hours. Because of the height to which it climbs the trail provides some of the best views of the surrounding forest peaks and the countryside.
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