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6: View of Krize village
16: "Bukovy Vrch" on the horizon
16: "Velka Javorina" on the horizon
17: "Busov" and Poland on the horizon
18: Signs of wild boars "ploughing"
18-19: Trail ahead along the ridge
19: Look back, stags rutting place
20: A pair of Lesser Spotted Eagles
21: "Mincol" on the horizon
21: "High Tatras" touching the clouds
21: "Sedlo Lysina" trail signpost
21: "Sedlo Lysina" signpost close-up
Photographs taken by Miro Germuska in June 2008.
The number under each photo above identifies the position from which the photo was taken.
These numbers are shown on the trail map, and also used for giving detailed walking directions.
Of the three day-hikes, the circular trail via Cergov is the most demanding. It takes 6-10h to complete its 20km (almost half Marathon), it rises 540m and reaches an altitude of 1,099m (higher than Snowdon). Most people may find their orienteering skills tested on the way out and their fitness tested by the steep 300m fall within the last mile on the way back. more >
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