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15: Hervartov ancient wooden church
16: Look back, Hervartov village
16: Road lined with cherry trees
17: Cross by the side of the road
18: Cows grazing opposite T junction
19: Cart-track ahead on the right
19: Signpost ahead on the right
19: Trail signpost close-up
19: View of the cart-track ahead
20: View ahead - Mihalov village
20: Look back, Hervartov village
20: Look back, trail cart-track
Photographs taken by Miro Germuska in June 2008.
The number under each photo above identifies the position from which the photo was taken.
These numbers are shown on the trail map, and also used for giving detailed walking directions.
Of the three day-hiking trails, the trail to Bardejov is the least demanding. It is 16.3km long and takes 5-8h to complete. For the first two hours it goes over a steep hill through a dense and cool mature beech forest, but then levels out into undulating terrain with open fields.

In the forest there are clear footprints of huge stags, soil turned over by wild boars rooting >
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