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There are flights from the UK to Kosice and Poprad by WizzAir. Krakow, Budapest and Bratislava are also within driving distance.

The drive to the cottages from Kosice takes 1 hour 20 mins, from Poprad 1 hour 40 mins, from Krakow 2 hour 45 mins, from Budapest 4 hour 15 mins, from Bratislava 5 hour 15 mins.

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Map of north and central Europe
Map of north and central Europe
Airports, trains and roads to Krize
Sleeper Trains

Another possibility is to fly to Bratislava, Prague, Budapest or Krakow, spend a day there and take an overnight train to Kosice.

The sleeper trains leave between 10-11 pm and arrive between 7-8 am. All train timetables can be found on Deutche Bahn international section.

Deutche Bahn also sell tickets over the phone 08718 80 80 66, the tickets are sent from the UK office by 1st class mail.

Road Maps, Car Hire and Taxi

To plan your car journey you may find the GoogleMaps Directions web site helpful. However, the site does not always recommend the same route from A to B, as from B to A.
If in doubt, please ask us.

Car hire is available at all airports, the cheapest is at Kosice via Auto Europe.

A viable alternative to hiring a car is to use taxis, see the Taxi Prices.
Map of north-east Slovakia
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Airports, trains and roads to Krize
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