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North-East Slovakia

Unspoilt Countryside

Over 40% of Slovakia is covered by forests, a greater proportion than in Switzerland or Norway. It is a wonderfull place for walking, birdwatching and fishing. Villages are tranquil places with a very slow pace of life, still using horses and scythes for farming, a way of life that is fast disappearing.

Medieval Towns

The medieval towns of Bardejov and Levoca have their fortifications dating back to the early 1300s, most of which are still in place. Bardejov has one of the largest and best preserved town squares of all medieval towns in Europe. In 2000 Bardejov became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In the 1800s Marie Louise the second wife of Napoleon, the Russian Czar Alexander I and the Austrian Empress Elisabeth came to stay in Bardejov Spa. The communist bosses and presidents of Czechoslovakia had their permanent villas here. Less famous, but very pleasant, is Vysne Ruzbachy Spa built round its thermal springs.
The village of Krize
Bardejov Town Square
Wooden church at Kozany
Spis Castle
History and Art


There are several museums in Bardejov: the History Museum, the Museum of Icons (unique in Slovakia) and the Natural History Museum (most of its local specimens come from Krize). The basilica in Bardejov has many fine paintings and the church in Levoca is famous for its exquisite wood carvings.

Bardejov Spa has an open-air Country Architecture Museum with traditional timber houses of the region. The parents of Andy Warhol come from the area, and a museum has been set up in Medzilaborce with some of his work and memorabilia.

Wooden Churches

The wooden churches around Bardejov are part of the wider regional architecture extending to the neighbouring Poland where they are designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Medieval Castles

Slovakia has one of the highest densities of medieval castles in Europe. They are particularly numerous to the west of Bardejov. Spis Castle is the largest medieval castle in Central Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The High Tatras

Mountain Peaks

The High Tatras are the highest mountain range between the Alps and the Urals. Perhaps the best way to appreciate the High Tatra scenery is to take a cable car to the second highest peak the Lomnicky Stit. It is about an hour's drive from the cottages to the cable cars.

Mountain Lakes

There are many beautiful glacier lakes dotted all over the High Tatras as well as spectacular waterfalls. The mountains provide a home to plants and animals, such as the chamois, that can only be found at altitudes above the tree-line.

Mountain Rivers

With the exception of the Danube all major rivers in Slovakia (Vah, Hron, Hornad, Poprad, Dunajec, etc.) have their source in the Tatras. In the upper parts their white-waters are quite spectacular.
A view of the High Tatras from Lomnicky Stit
The glacier lake Strbske Pleso in the High Tatras
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