Local Bardejov Painter
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About the Painter

This page is in memory of my good friend who has sadly passed away. Ludovit Medzihradsky was born in Bardejov and has spent a lifetime painting his native town and the surrounding countryside. Several of his oil paintings are exhibited in galleries abroad.

He was a teacher of technical drawing at a college in Bardejov. Later he earnd his living by giving private tuition in painting and selling his pictures.

He has also been commissioned to paint commemorative pictures for public buildings and churches in and around Bardejov.
Painting of Bardejov in winter
Bardejov in winter
Painting of Madonna
Locations and Media

Ludovit painted picturesque views of the Cergov Forest and the charming streets of the medieval town of Bardejov. He paint landscapes, still life as well as wild life.

Ludovit painted mainly in oil and his drawings are mostly in pencil. His speciality were paintings and drawings in perspective. To get a better feel for the countryside in Slovakia have a look at an article in the Outdoor Photography magazine.
About some Paintings

The painting on the right is a winter view of the Cergov Forest range from the hamlet of Mihalov. In the valley to the left hides Hervartov village with its ancient wooden church.

In the centre of the horizon is Zobrak mountain and beyond it is Krize hamlet where the cottages are. The painting hangs in the living room of the cottage “Pod Orechom”. Another of his paintings, of the Basilica in Bardejov main square hangs in the kitchen.
Painting of countryside around Bardejov
Countryside around Bardejov in winter

Local Bardejov Paintings

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Bardejov in winter
Cergov forest range
Frozen river Topla
Bardejov in summer
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Local Bardejov Paintings