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Krize is in a special position for walking. It lies between two major walking paths E3 and E8 that run the length of Europe.

E8 runs from Ireland (via Trans-Pennine Trail in England) to Turkey and is about 2km east of Krize. E3 runs from Spain to Bulgaria and is about 3km south-west of Krize. Both paths join for a short stretch about 6km south of Krize.

There are a number of much shorter footpaths in and around Krize village. You can also walk from Bardejov Spa up to the medieval Zborov Castle, which takes about two hours, or just walk in the parks at Bardejov Spa.
Europe walking paths E3 and E8 join up at Krize
Oak, beech, pine and willow woods around Krize

Bird Watching

Krize is a very good place for bird watching. The unspoilt forests around Krize and the variety of trees provide a favourite habitat for many birds. Close to Krize the walking path E3 goes through pine woods, E8 goes through beech woods and together they go through oak woods. There are only a few places in Slovakia with this variety of woodland.

A large number of species come to nest here. White Storks come from North Africa to nest by the river Topla. Lesser Spotted Eagles come from South Africa and they are often seen circling above the cottages. In the cottage gardens are Black Redstarts; Nightingales nest in front of the cottages by the stream and further down the stream are Black Storks.

This area is also home to a number of birds never or rarely seen in the UK: Hazel Grouse and Black Grouse, Corncrake, Pygmy Owl, Ural Owl and Tengmalm's Owl; Grey-headed Woodpecker, White-backed Woodpecker and Black Woodpecker; Icterine Warbler, Serin, etc.


Krize is a good base for fishing. The World Fly Fishing Championships 2004 and the European Coarse Fishing Championships 2005 were held in Slovakia.

There are several unspoilt mountain and forest streams 20 - 60 minutes drive north-west from the cottages that are excellent for fly fishing. Best conditions are on the rivers Poprad and Dunajec.

A similar distance to the south-east are slower rivers that are very good for coarse fishing. Best conditions are on the river Topla and lake Domasa.
Rivers Dunajec, Poprad, Topla and lake Domasa
Nature and Wildlife in Slovakia
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