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Slovakia Nature

Unspoilt countryside and nature of north-east Slovakia

Biosphere reserves - forests and woodlands in Slovakia

Terrestrial eco-regions of the world - Slovakia

Wildflowers of Slovakia and Czech Republic

Slovakia Wildlife

Birdwatching, fishing and walking in north-east Slovakia

Biosphere reserves - bear, lynx, wolf, black stork, golden eagle, etc.

Wild animals and nature - Slovakia

Wolves, bears and eagles in Slovakia

Wolves in the Tatra Mountains - Slovakia

Wolf distribution throughout the world

Register your objection to wolf hunting in Slovakia

Bird Watching in Slovakia

Birdwatching and birds distribution nesting in north-east Slovakia

Slovak society for the protection of birds

Birds recorded in Slovakia between 1800 and 1997

Endangered birds in Slovakia

Atlas of white stork nests in Slovakia

Birding summary - Slovakia

Bird search - Encyclopaedia of birds

Birds of prey index- Encyclopaedia of birds of prey

Bird encyclopedia

Lesser Spotted Eagle in High Tatras - Slovakia

Flyway of Aquila Pomarina - animation

Migration of the Lesser Spotted Eagle from Europe to Africa - article

Migration of the Lesser Spotted Eagle from Slovakia to South Africa - article

Migration from Slovakia to Kruger National Park

Migration from Slovakia to Djuma Game Reserve

Lesser Spotted Eagle in flight - photo

Lesser Spotted Eagle in flight - photo

Lesser Spotted Eagle in flight - photo

Travelling Naturalist - Report from a bird watching trip to Slovakia

Bird Tours - Report from a birdwatching trip to Slovakia

Fishing in Slovakia

Fishing and fish distribution in north-east Slovakia

European Coarse Fishing Championships 2005 - Slovakia

World Fly Fishing Championship Slovakia, 2004 - Photo Gallery

XXIV World Fly Fishing Championships held in Slovakia

Winners of FIPS MOUCHE - 24th World Flyfishing Championship

Fly-fishing in Slovakia

UN Food and Agriculture Organisation - Slovakia Recreational Fishing

The UK Gateway to Worldwide Fishing

UK Carp Fishing Secrets - The Carp Fishing Bible

Walking in Slovakia

Walking in north-east Slovakia, details of E3, E8 and map of paths E1 - E11

Guided walking holidays in Slovakia on Long Distance European Trail E3, E8

Footpath Marking Club of Slovakia - European walking paths E3, E8 and I23

European Rambles Association - European long distance walking paths E1 - E11

Ramblers Association UK - Trans Pennine Trail E8

Wikipedia - Map of European Long Distance Walking Route E8

Wikipedia - Larger map of European Long Distance Walking Route E8

World Encyclopaedia - European long-distance walking paths E1 - E11

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