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Hiking Trails around Krize
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Nine hiking trails are described below with hiking maps, photos and directions.

Short Walking Trails

Short walks last between 1 - 2 hours including the return journey to the cottages. Click on the trail links to see the photos.

1st Walk to Chata Krize is the most gentle one. It follows a forest stream along a tarmac road used only for hauling timber. More...

2nd Walk to the Old Ski Lift is much more demanding, but provides nice views of the valley and the village. More...

3rd Walk to Jedlina is the most difficult, but offers very nice views of the surrounding peaks and plenty of signs of wildlife.
It can be cut short to a less demanding circular walk, that stops at the monument and returns past the church. More...
Walking trails village Krize, Slovakia
Short walks - Krize village
Walking trails Krize valey, Slovakia
Medium hiking trails - Krize valley

Medium Hiking Trails

Medium walks take half a day including the return journey to the cottages. They are extensions of the short walks and in turn are beginings of the long walks. Click on the trail links to see the photos.

1st Hiking trail to Hervartov village includes the most demanding climbs in the area as it rises 300m within 1.5km and falls 400m in 2km. It ends at a charming ancient wooden church that is well worth visiting. More...

2nd Hiking trail to Lysina includes long climbs and is perhaps the most difficult to navigate. It offers lovely views of peaks and valleys on either side and on a clear day from Lysina one can see the High Tatra mountains. More...

3rd Hiking trail to Livov village is the least demanding. It climbs through open meadows, then it descends through a dense young forest and follows a stream surounded by wild flowers to a quiet remote village. More...

Long Hiking Trails

Long walks last a whole day. They are extensions of medium walks, with the extra lengths mostly on the long distance hiking trails E3 and E8, which are easy to follow. Click on the trail links to see the photos.

1st Hiking trail to Bardejov has a demanding first half to Hervartov, but then eases off mostly through open fields and country lanes. On the outskirts of Bardejov the trail goes past hotel Bellevue where one could end the walk and relax in an indoor swimming pool, followed by a good dinner. More...

2nd Hiking trail via Cergov is circular. The Long Distance European Trails E3 and E8 meet at Cergov. E3 trail goes via Velka Javorina, the highest peak around Krize, Highier than Snowdon and Table Mountain. There is a tourist hostel at Cergov where one can obtain food and refreshments. More...

3rd Hiking trail via Priehyby is also circular. The section on E3 runs along a ridge with some of the best views around and leads into the central, most remote and wild part of the forest. Wolves are seen here each winter and in summer an occasional bear. More...

Walking trails Cergov range, Slovakia
Long hiking trails - Chergov range
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Jedlina Old Ski Lift Chata
Livov Lysina Hervartov
Priehyby Cergov Bardejov
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