Krize, nr Bardejov, Slovakia


Obchody s Jedlom
Open-Air Vegetable Market

Trh na Zeleninu. Open each week-day from early morning till noon for fresh locally grown vegetables (tomatoes taste as tomatoes should), as well as some imported fruits. Get your vegetables here. Located outside the old town, some 300 metres from the town square, with ample parking space.

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Hypernova. A new western-style supermarket with wide range of food and plenty of parking space. Located in Bardejov just off the road for Krize, convenient to pop in and do most of your food shopping on your way back to the cottage.

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Cake Shop

Cukraren. A good selection of rich and creamy cakes with an open air terrace outside the shop on the main square in Bardejov. If you don't fancy cakes just order a cup of tea or coffee and watch the locals and occasional tourists go by.

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Pastry Shop

Obchod s Pecivom. A good selection of freshly baked buns and pastries both sweet and savoury. Just off the town square, pop in for breakfast or any time from 8am to 5pm when you feel a bit peckish.

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Cake Shop

Cukraren. A reasonable selection of creamy cakes with a covered terrace outside the shop in the centre of Bardejov Spa. Go there on a hot day to cool off with a cup of tea or coffee or some ice cream.

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Pastry Shop

Obchod s Pecivom. A reasonable selection of freshly baked buns and pastries both sweet and savoury in the centre of Bardejov Spa. This is a takeaway shop, but there are plenty of park benches just outside where you can sit down and have your snack.

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Krize Village Shop

Obchod Krize. The shop stores only the bare essentials such as beer, spirits, mineral water, eggs, butter, etc. No fresh meat, bread is delivered only every other day and needs to be ordered, some fresh vegetables.

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Trout Farm

Farma na Pstruhy. Excellent fresh trout ideal for a barbeque or in the oven. The farm is on the bank of the main river in the region called Topla in the village of Gerlachov (third village from Krize).

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Miro Germuska 2004