Krize, nr Bardejov, Slovakia


Predjedla a Polievky
Beef Soup

Hovadzia Polievka. A consommé-type soup with chunky pieces of root vegetables, onions and fine noodles. Found on almost every menu.

Chicken Soup

Slepacia Polievka. Similar to the beef soup, but with a richer taste.

Cabbage Soup

Kapustnica Probably the most traditional Slovak soup. Enriched with smoked pork sausage, mushrooms and often also cream, this is a Christmas-time speciality but is found on menus all year round.

Bean Soup

Fazulova Polievka. A rich flavoured kidney bean soup that is often enlivened with smoked pork or smoked pork sausage. This is one to order on a cold night.

Lentil Soup

Sosovicova Polievka. Plain, but very nourishing and delicious, a meal in itself. Ideal for a vegetarian.

Potato Soup

Zemiakova Polievka. Small cubes of potatoes go into making this thick and nourishing soup. Liberal dressing of fresh parsley and mint make a delicious topping.

Vegetable Soup

Zeleninova Polievka. All vegetables available at the time of the year such as peas, beans, carrots, celery, celeriac, kohlrabi, onions are used in chunky bits. Delicate tastes and flavours vary with every serving. No vegetarian should miss this one.

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