Krize, nr Bardejov, Slovakia


Maso a Ryby
Wiener Schnitzel

Rezen. Viennaís famous schnitzel is known here as rezen. Sometimes veal, but typically pork, flattened, coated with flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and fried. When itís done with care, rezen is delicious.

Hungarian Goulash

Madarsky Gulas. From Hungary, Slovakia inherited goulash, a hearty stew with meat (pork, beef or both) and potatoes. Cooked in a tomato sauce spiked with onions, paprika and garlic. This is one of the great dishes of Central Europe.


Bravcove. Comes as chops (rezy), ribs (rebierko) or steak (rostenka). Any of these can be stuffed with ham (sumka) and or cheese (syr), but perhaps the most popular combination is with dumplings (knedliky) and red cabbage (cervena kapusta) or sauerkraut (kysla kapusta). Not for the faint-hearted.

Charcuterie Plate

Zabijackova Misa. Traditional home-made dish made by country folk, that occasionally finds its way to a restaurant table. Jaternica, krvava hurka, klobasa, udene pliecko and tlacenka are some of the untranslatable items made to hundred year old home recipes. Unmissable for any serious meat eater.

Country Sausage

Vyprazana Klobasa. Most restaurants offer this very quick snack which is ready in just a few minutes. It consists of fried pork sausage (99% meat, 1% seasoning) which is usually served with just some bread and a good helping of mild Slovak mustard. Very tasty.


Hovadzie. Appears on many menus, at prices significantly higher than pork or poultry. Sirloin with fried onions (Viedenska rostenka) is a common dish, as is beefsote, slices of beef sauteed with sour cream.


Hydina. Typically chicken (kurca), but also turkey (morka). Comes fried (vyprazane), grilled (grilovane) or baked (pecene). Served with rice or a great variety of potatoes; mashed (dusene), baked (zapekane), cubed and fried (opekane), boiled (varene) or sliced and made into a salad (zemiakovy salat).


Pstruh. In summer season there is no better dish than a freshly caught trout from forest streams. Done in a variety of ways and served with a choice of locally grown fresh salads; tomatoes (paradajky) that taste like tomatoes should, cucumbers (uhorky), peppers (papriky), lettuce (hlavkovy salat), onions (cibule), etc. Most restaurants will make you a salad to order.

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