Krize, nr Bardejov, Slovakia



Alkohol. Alcohol is very cheap in Slovakia, around two pounds for a bottle, although Whisky and other imported spirits are more expensive. The most popular home produced spirit is Vodka, but the speciality to try is Plum Brandy (Slivovica). Gin is known as Borovicka, which is a bit different to the British Gin. Rum is Rum (pronounced room) which is a bit similar to Jamaica Rum.


Pivo. Slovakia is well known for excellent beers, inherited from its Czech neighbours. Many Czech beers are produced near Bardejov where there is a plentiful supply of good quality water. The local beer is called Saris and one of the best Czech speciality beers is called Velkopopovicky Kozel. A pint of good beer will set you back about 30p.


Vino South-West Slovakia along the river Danube produces Austrian-type wine (mostly white). South-East Slovakia on the Hungarian border produces fortified Tokai wine, which you can often buy on the “Vegetable Market” in Bardejov by the gallon. They may not match the best French wines, but they are very drinkable. Try Veletinske Zelene or Tokaji Szamorodni.


Kava. Slovaks drink “Turkish Coffee” (Zalievana Kava) which is unfiltered freshly ground coffee, therefore do not drink the coffee grounds that settle at the bottom of the cup! With a generous topping of whipped cream it is called Viennese Coffee (Viedenska Kava). Very strong coffee in a cup slightly bigger than a thimble is called Moka. Nowadays you can also ask for a cup of instant coffee (Neskafe).


Caj. (Pronounced chai.) If you fancy a cup of English tea, bring the tea with you, that is the only way you’ll get it! Slovaks drink Fruit Teas (Ovocny Caj) that comes in many flavours, they are quite refreshing. Herbal Teas (Bilinkove Caje) such as Camomile Tea (Kamilkovy Caj) are also available.

Soft Drinks

Nealkoholicke Napoje. Soft drinks from the West are nowadays commonly available almost everywhere.


Voda. Tap water in Slovakia is absolutely safe to drink. However, due to Slovakia’s geological formation there are so many mineral springs that most people drink locally bottled Mineral Water (Mineralna Voda). In Krize the cottage has it own well (Studna), hewn in the rock further up the hill, thus preventing any danger of accidental pollution by domestic animals. The water is excellent, you must try it.

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