Krize, nr Bardejov, Slovakia


Torty, Kolace, Pecivo, Chlieb

No Slovak equivalent! In Slovakia, as in Austria and the surrounding countries, hot puddings are not common. However, most restaurants serve excellent Pancakes (Palacinky) with various fillings, topped with a generous helping of Whipped Cream (Slahacka). Apple Strudel (Jablkova Strudla) and Cherry Strudel (Ceresnova Strudla) are also on restaurant menus, they are usually served cold.

Rich Cakes

Torty. In Cukrarna you can find a wide variety of very rich cakes based on eggs, chocolate, nuts and lots of cream. Some examples are Chocolate Cream Slices (Cokoladove Kocky), Sacher Cake (Cokoladova Torta), Dobos Cake (Dobosova Torta), Hazelnut Cake (Orieskova Torta) and Rum Cream Cones (Rumove Spice).

Light Cakes

Kolace. In Cukrarna, but also in Obchod s Pecivom you can find lighter cakes, essentially based on sponge cakes, sometimes mixed with ground nuts. Some examples are Cherry Cake (Ceresnovy Kolac), Plum Cake (Slivkovy Kolac), Walnut Cake (Orechovy Kolac) and Vanilla Crescents (Vanilkove Rohlicky).


Pecivo. There are very tasty buns (buchty) of various kinds, for example filled with sweet cottage cheese, poppy seeds or chocolate (like the French pan au chocolate), etc. You can buy buns and other pastries in a pastry shop (Obchod s Pecivom) and also in the shops that sell bread.


Chlieb. Bread in Slovakia is excellent, with no preservatives, flavour enhancers or “improvers”. Shops in Bardejov sell bread made by bakeries in the surrounding villages, each to a slightly different traditional recipe. It is best eaten on the day of baking and is also OK the following day if wrapped well in a tea-towel, but don’t eat bread that is several days old.

Bread Rolls

Zemle a Rohliky. If you like French bread, get crusty-rolls (zemle) or mini-sticks (rohliky), which are more refined and less crusty. They should be bought in the morning and eaten the same day. Ideal for breakfast, with butter and jam.

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