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Guide to food, food shops and restaurants around Krize
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Catering and Food Shopping

The kitchens in the cottages are well equipped for self-catering and we can also provide full or part catering. Shopping for food is quite easy. You can buy organic eggs from the neighbouring farm and fish from the trout farm in Gerlachov, a village further down the stream.

Some basic foods are sold in the village shop in Kruzlov, some 15 minutes drive on the way to Bardejov, but for more extensive shopping you will have to go to Bardejov.

Bardejov has an open-air vegetable market with mainly locally grown produce that is open every working day, a new western-style supermarket with a wide variety of food, and a range of small traditional food shops. We provide details and show the location of a number of food shops.
Traditionally grown vegetables, guarded by scarecrows
Cake recipes inherited from the Habsburg Empire

There are a number of good local restaurants. Many of them are open all day and you can get a freshly cooked three course meal at any time from midday till late evening.

Most good restaurants are in Bardejov, Bardejov Spa or close to Bardejov.

The popularity of the restaurants and the quality of their food keeps changing and the best way to keep up with the changes is to read the visitors book in the cottage.
Slovak Menu

The Slovak cuisine is similar to the other nations of the old Habsburg Empire: Austria, Hungary and Bohemia.

This is the land of goulash, schnitzel, caraway seeds, dumplings, sausages, sauerkraut and creative takes on pork, but also fish and in particular forest stream trout.

We provide a guide to the dishes most frequently found on restaurant menus:
Starters and Soups, Meat and Fish, Vegetarian, Cakes, Pastry, Bread, Drinks.
Fresh locally baked bread, ham and beer

Slovakia Organic Farming

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Organic Farming
Harvesting oats with a scythe
Organic Farming
Farmer and his horse
Organic Farming
Organic farmyard
Organic Farming
Organic haystacks and oats
Organic Farming
Framer sharpening his scythe
Organic Farming
Horse ploughing potato field
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Farming in Slovakia