Guide to fishing around Krize

Guided Fishing Holiday


The rivers suitable for fly fishing are Poprad, Dunajec, Hornad and Topla.
In most places the rivers are 20 60 meters wide and 0.5 1.5 meters deep.
The suitable rod length is 2.4 2.7 meters.
Wading trousers and wading shoes are essential.
Both dry and wet flies are used.
Perhaps the most popular flies are nymphs and streamers.

Fishing Season

Fishing is possible from April to November and the best conditions are usually in May and September. In April the snow is melting and the rivers are very fast running. In July and August the water is usually on the warm side and the best time for fishing is 4-8am and 6-9pm. In November the first snow arrives. One may expect to catch the following fish at different times of the year:

May: Trout, Grayling
June: Trout, Grayling, Pike, Asp
July: Trout, Grayling, Pike, Asp, Perch
August: Trout, Grayling, Pike, Asp, Perch
September: Grayling, Pike, Asp, Perch, Huchen
October: Grayling, Huchen

Fishing Permits

A temporary visitor's membership of the Slovak Anglers Association is required. It can be obtained from the nearest town hall, it is valid for one month and costs a nominal fee of about 2 Euros. This is necessary in order to buy day fishing permits. A day fishing permit can be obtained from the local branch of the Slovak Anglers Association. Finding the local branch of the association can often prove a difficult task, however we can obtain all the licences for you.

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