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Over 40% of Slovakia is covered by forests, a greater proportion than in Switzerland and Norway or any other European country. In the most remote north-east region in the foothills of the High Tatra mountains there are still some wolves, bears and eagles. These large wild animals survive there due to the unspoilt nature, the habitat capable of supporting the whole food chain; wild flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. This is an ideal place for walking and biking holidays, bird watching holidays, fishing holidays, nature and wildlife photography.
Villages in this remote region are tranquil places with a very slow pace of life, still using horses for farming. Over the last century most farmhouses have been rebuilt using bricks, replacing the more traditional wood. However, in the village where the cottages are, the traditional log-cabin-style cottages are still predominant. The cottages are traditional but provide a good standard of accommodation.
There is much more to Slovakia than just the forests, nature and wildlife. There are historic towns and medieval castles that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, famous spas, once frequented by European royalty, with open-air classical concerts, live folk music, leisure centres, tennis courts, golf, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, canoeing, white-water rafting,
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